You trust us with your Buyers, now let us help your Sellers!

Cross Keys Abstract & Assurance, Inc. has launched Cross Keys Certified. This program is intended to give real estate agents and their Sellers peace of mind on every listing transaction.

What does it mean for your listing to be Cross Keys Certified? Simply stated, Cross Keys Abstract & Assurance has completed a detailed analysis for the property and has obtained the information required to provide a seamless and timely closing. Having your listing Cross Keys Certified means we have already researched the property, we know what’s needed to close and the Owner of the title company has issued a promise to help you and your Seller to the closing table with the least amount of stress possible.

Why Now? Recently, we have had several Listing agents who have come us regarding last-minute issues with title. Our twenty-five plus years of experience gives us the confidence to make knowledgeable business decisions that will protect you and your Seller. We have been able to work through these issues and get these agents and their Sellers to closing on time, but we would rather you and your Seller have the best experience from start to finish. Ultimately we would like to provide everyone with a smooth, easy transaction and furnish the Buyer with the title insurance.

Robin saved the day! She helped my Seller get to closing after another title company said they would not close and offered no alternatives. I called Robin, frustrated and upset hoping for some advice – she jumped in and offered to insure the property, handle all of the title work AND we closed on the original settlement date!

My Seller had a last-minute home equity line issue that Robin was able to fix, by going above and beyond, to get us to closing. My Seller was so thankful, and thought the world of me, Robin and the company.

When another title company told us they could not close on my listing because of a very old loan that my Seller did not have paperwork on, I called Robin to see if she had any suggestions. Robin called the other title company and attempted to walk them through a few options. When they still wouldn’t budge, Robin offered to handle the title and closing herself. My Seller was over the moon and I am forever grateful.

Let us put in the work up front to make your listing more attractive to potential Buyers!